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Ask The Experts

What Should I Tell My Therapist?


I’m away at school and I got myself a therapist because I knew I needed help. And I’ve been doing good lately and my therapist has been very pleased. Problem is for the past week or two, it just really hasn’t been like that. I’m like afriad to tell her how I’ve had urges to go back to cutting myself…and burning myself with water (weird I know). I don’t wanna go back to it but I’m afraid I will. Do you have any tips for me telling my therapist that I’m not doing very well lately? I just feel like I took two steps forward and at least five back and I don’t want her to be disappointed in me. Like I am myself.

Victor Schwartz, M.D., Medical Director, The Jed Foundation answers:

It is great that you’ve started seeing a therapist. It is also very common that people worry that their therapist will judge them in the same way they see themselves-if you are ashamed of what you are doing, you assume your therapist will disapprove. And many times people are ashamed of these kinds of behaviors (like cutting or burning). It is useful to remember that your therapist will be pleased that you brought your concerns to her. Remember, if you had no problems to discuss there would not be much need to be seeing the therapist. She is there to hear about your worries and problems!