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Feeling socially connected (to family, friends and the campus community in general) is an essential aspect of the college experience. Having these connections, and therefore a supportive network, can make it easier to handle stressful tasks and deal with emotional setbacks. A lack of meaningful connections with others can have a negative impact not only on your health and wellbeing, but also on your adjustment to college.

If you feel socially disconnected and/or are new to college and looking to meet people, consider joining an organization or a club. Schools usually have a plethora of different groups to choose from, so think of activities and interests that are important to you and look for groups that fit your interests. Reach out to people who are already members to learn more and get a sense of whether or not it’s the right fit for you. Many schools host activity fairs in the beginning of the school year to introduce students to the various organizations and clubs on campus, but don’t hesitate to reach out and learn more at other times, too.

Sometimes we have trouble developing connections and friendships with other people and we aren’t sure why. Try speaking to a counselor at your school’s health center about your concerns and for a new perspective on why making friends might be a challenge for you.

College can also be a time to develop romantic relationships. Relationships aren’t always easy, but there is never an excuse for violence or abuse in a relationship. To learn more about healthy vs. unhealthy relationships, read Building Healthy Relationships in College. If you’re worried that your current relationship might be abusive, visit loveisrespect.org for information and resources that can help. If you’ve experienced relationship abuse in the past, click here for ways to feel better. If you’re worried that your anger and actions might be making someone else feel abused, check out information on breaking that cycle here.

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