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Manhattanville College Statement of Confidentiality

As required by the law, information regarding your treatment at the SHAC and all treatment records are kept confidential. However, if your psychologist or psychiatrist believes that you present an imminent danger to your own safety, or the safety of others, your treating provider is legally obligated to take protective actions, which could include initiating a psychiatric hospitalization, removal of any weapons, warning the potential victim (if identifiable), and/or calling Campus Security or the police. If such a situation arises, your psychiatrist/psychologist will make every effort to discuss the action with you, and will limit disclosure to only what is necessary. Further, if you provide information involving a situation in which a child is being (or is at risk of being) abused or neglected, as mandated reporters we are required by law to report that information to State Central Registry. In addition, counselors must surrender client records to a court if subpoenaed by a judge. In cases of a formal complaint against the Center, client records may be used or disclosed to demonstrate compliance to acceptable practice standards.