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HACC Central Pennsylvania's Community College Statement of Confidentiality

Information shared by you in counseling appointments is privileged and will be treated confidentially, but you should be aware of the limits to confidentiality.
Counselors will breach confidentiality and comply with authorities if:
1) there is reason to believe you present an imminent threat of harm to yourself or others or are unable to care for yourself,
2) there is reasonable suspicion that you may be involved with or know about abuse or neglect of a minor child or adolescent, elderly individual or disabled person,
3) it is disclosed that the student has a contagious and life-threatening disease where identified third parties are at risk, or
4) required due to court order or summons.
Information gathered through your counseling appointments, including your informed consent, intake form, and counselor’s notes will be stored within your Counseling Services record. This record belongs to Counseling Services, not the individual counselor with whom you are meeting. It therefore could be viewed, as needed, by any Wellness Counselor at the College. This allows for portability amongst counselors and campuses in cases where the student chooses to meet with another counselor or the counselor is no longer employed/able to provide counseling services.